Welcome Back!

Caddo Heights Math/Science Elementary School’s 1st Day 2020

Check Out Our Eagle Buck Store!

Our students are able to earn positive rewards using our Eagle Buck System. This allows them to earn bucks for great behavior, classroom engagement and much more! Once they have earned bucks they can spend them in the Eagle Buck Store! The store is only open on Fridays.

Finding Context Clues!

Our Third grade students can be seen finding context clues to increase vocabulary and defining words in the text. 

Welcome To Caddo Heights Math / Science Elementary School!

Caddo Heights Math/Science Elementary School is committed to inspiring leaders, equipping minds, and transforming lives to create and sustain a productive world. “Where Eagles Soar!”

Building Student Success

Here at Caddo Heights we are dedicated to growing students and providing an educational experience that enhances our students’ ability to compete in a world market. 

Math & Science Are A Priority

Math and Science are essential subjects that provide experiences and opportunities for students to advance and gain technical skills that will provide a brighter future. That is why we are in the process of developing a Math and Science Lab and course that will challenge and equip our leaders with the tools to be successful. The lab is set to open Fall 2021. 

A Message From Principal Mouton

We would like to thank you for choosing to send your child to Caddo Heights Math/Science Elementary School. With over 400 students from diverse backgorunds, we work to ensure that learning is always the priority. Please partner with us to ensure your child’s education is one that they will remember forever. To reach me, please email moutonc@caddoschools.org

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Spring Break

Spring Break will take place from March 15, 2021 through March 19, 2021


School Hours

School opens at 7:00am 

Instruction begins daily at 7:30am

School Dismisses at 2:50pm

Community Partners